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product properties for concrete cosmetic SBK-08

Concrete cosmetic

Created by   Synfola®

Exposed concrete cosmetic, concrete cosmetic, 
product properties

SBK-08 is a special mixture based on Portland cement and crystalline quartz.
SBK-08 (exposed concrete mixing water) serves as an aqueous copolymer dispersion combination for SBK-08.
SBK-08 is a high-quality thin layer exposed concrete coating and connection for exposed concrete surfaces, whereas the desired breathability is retained.
SBK-08 was developed to perform optical corrections on exposed concrete surfaces efficiently, without negatively influencing the look.
SBK-08 can be applied in all natural concrete colours. On special customer request the cementitious powder mixtures can also be produced and processed in approx. RAL or approx. NCS colours. Outdoors it has to be considered that only pastel shades can be used due to the colour resistance. Flashy, pure colours can only be used inside.

Exposed concrete range of application: SBK-08 suits for restoring old and new exposed concrete surfaces in- and outdoors, for concrete stair elements in new buildings, for colour corrections on new but also old hard concrete floors and for cosmetic exposed concrete corrections of cementitious monuments, sculptures etc., which cementitious character shall remain unchanged.

Exposed concrete cosmetic processing / post-processing:

1st pass:
In the 1st pass SBK-08 is deeply penetrating into the substrate due to its fines. The processing is performed by means of a low-pressure sprayer.

2nd to 4th pass according to concrete quality
During the 2nd to 4th pass SBK-08 is slightly structuring (approx. 0.01mm) and protects the substrate (the sand grain): The structure of SBK-08 is designed in a way that the 2nd to 4th layer act as an optical skin (cementitious skin such as in exposed concrete). The tensile adhesion strength is calculated in a way that the previous or missing concrete skin can be replaced.

Surfaces treated with SBK-08 act without impregnation like untreated exposed concrete surfaces.

Post-processing / impregnation
We recommend a special impregnation for exposed concrete, in- and outdoor.

Resistance against frost, salts, UV radiation, environmental residues etc.
The impregnations Neutec LT 142, Neutec LT 342, Neutec LT 344 and Neutec 425 are impregnations tested on SBK-08. They are resistant against salts, frost, colour changes due to UV radiation, penetration of dirt and environmental impacts. Contaminations such as environmental residues, algae infestation etc. can be removed without damaging the surface. To dissolve contaminations before cleaning efficiently, we recommend to spray the basic cleaner Altex T 111, which has been approved as being water pollution preventing, in a mixing ration of 1:20 on the surfaces. The subsequent cleaning with an HD device should only be performed with 60-80 bar to assure that the concrete surface is not damaged. Indoors the same basic cleaner can be used for contaminations.

SBK-08 liability
The producer and supplier (Synfola) has no control over the storage or processing of products and can thus take no liability or responsibility in this respect. All indications are non-binding. You as a user are obliged to make your staff familiar with this product and to instruct them about the intended purpose. Product is use for other purposes on your own risk.

SBK-08 storage
Store adequate protected against moisture.

SBK-08 disposal
Assure that the product is not entering effluent or sewerage.

SBK-08 cleaning of tools:
The cleaning shall be conducted with tab water.

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