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Forschung, Prduktentwicklung und Produktion unserer marktreifen Eigenprodukte sind die Eckpfeiler der Synfola GmbH
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Synfola-Gold pigments for special effects

The new magic ingredient is called Synfola-Gold
Synfola-Gold, The new magic ingredient is called

concrete cosmetics- 
now also available in Synfola-Gold

Gold pigmented office floor processed with the concrete cosmetic from Synfola

Concrete cosmetics -  
                               now also available in gold

The new magic ingredient is called Synfola-Gold. Once again, Synfola takes its customers by surprise, presenting a world novelty. Golden pigments for special effects on new and old buildings. Being improved this way, exposed concrete and gravel pockets will shine like real gold in every kind of light.

Synfola-Gold is made from high tech-components specially aligned to each other. This unique product enhances the variety of Synfola’s range of concrete cosmetics system SBK-08. It is UV-resistant, non-toxic and breathable. Its specific properties allow for applying Synfola-Gold to concrete facades, floor space, walls, stairway steps, or as special effect.

A perfect appearance thanks to perfected processing technology
The concrete cosmetics system consists of materials that concrete itself contains. New processing techniques allow for reshaping the outer cement layer within the range of hundredth of a millimetre. It is thus refurbished by nothing but minerals and looks perfect. The natural concrete look and its characteristic appearance are also retained perfectly in case of colouring.

High solidity and thin installation thickness
Synfola’s mineral-based high tech concrete cosmetics products stand out by high stability and strength. That’s why they are perfect even for applications in problematic areas. Inconsistent colouring, spalling, or even damaged sinter layers can be repaired with a purely mineral-based product. Exceptional in this context is: The original granolithic concrete character of floors, walls or stairway elements will be retained. Even in highly frequented buildings like schools, shopping centres or public buildings, Synfola’s concrete cosmetics products stand out by high stability and durability.


cementitious, purely mineral-based Swiss product

seamless finish with trowel or spray gun

unlimited variety in colours and structures

no shrinkage cracks or colour deviations

compatible with underfloor heating systems

Isopowder® thermo additive

The first steps 
for an international market development 
have been successfully started.

The Isopowder® thermo additive
was presented to the public for the first time at the Architect@Work Zurich. Additional presentations took place at the Swissbau Basel as well as the Big 5 Show in Dubai. Architects, property developers and private individuals showed great interest in the Isopowder® thermal additive. After the successful market implementation also the last critics from construction industry have been convinced by the newly developed thermo additive Isopowder®. The excellent product properties have been confirmed in laboratory testings and also in long-time object testings.

Great interest also from well-known product manufacturers.
Synfola GmbH succeeded as a small company in awakening the interest of large, internationally active companies of the construction industry for the marketing of Isopowder® thermo additives.

First steps for an international market development
After a successful market implementation Synfola GmbH makes now every effort to ensure that Isopowder® thermo additive will be offered in construction markets by a company well-known in construction industry. In this way the new properties can also be used by architects, building owners and also public institutions for their future building projects.

Planned market development
Synfola GmbH is pleased to inform you about the further procedure of the market development. We kindly ask you to send us your details by using the link below so that we can inform you about the upcoming market implementation as well as about future suppliers of Isopowder® thermo additive.

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